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Trailed roll headers  9 meters - designed for mowing grain crops, cereal crops with subsequent laying of the mowed mass in a single roll. These headers are an excellent choice for both small and large farms. When using trailed headers, the crop is placed in a swath of good quality and optimal width, in which its final ripening and drying takes place.

For the production of Don Mar headers, only the most effective technologies were used, which allows you to get the maximum benefit with the minimum cost. Trailed headers, as well as mounted ones, are equipped with a cutting system and a knife drive "SHUMAKHER", a belt conveyor and a five-blade reel.

Bolt-on knife cutting system, works at high cutting speed. The cutter bar drive ensures smooth and straight motion of the scythe, preventing its premature wear. The five-blade reel, which can be moved relative to the cutterbar and the speed of its rotation, ensures an even supply of the stems to the conveyor. The right angle between the cutter bar and the direction of travel of the tractor is supported by a special design of the hitch and the optimal position of the rear wheels with the corners of the blockage. The headers are aggregated by tractors of traction class 1.4 and transferred from the transport position to the working one by one worker without the need to uncouple.

The trailed header is the ideal choice for both small and large farms.

The 12-meter trailed header is equipped with two Schumacher knife drives and two 6-meter knives, allowing you to work quickly and efficiently. The "Don Mar" header has high reliability and long service life.

Headers  for double swater