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The seeder Don Mar, with an independent fastening of the anchor opener, is designed for sowing and fertilizing without treatment (zero sowing) and sowing in treated areas for all types of soils. Has a flexible frame with a width of 13.5 meters and a ground clearance of 180 mm. Independent anchor openers ideally follow the field contours, creating the required seedbed, their depth is adjusted using hydraulic cylinders, and the press wheels ensure high-quality seed placement. The two-axle hopper for seed and fertilizer does not load the rear axle of the tractor and provides the least resistance during operation. The autonomous fan drive using a Lombardini engine (or a hydraulic motor) ensures a stable air flow. Its own hydraulically driven loader auger makes it easy to load the hopper. Our seeding complex is a simple and reliable design that allows you to minimize operating costs and increase productivity while ensuring high-quality seedlings.