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Don Mar LLP manufactures mounted reapers with a grip of 7, 9, 12, 14 meters for all brands of combines, universal and direct combining. From the start of production in 1999 to the present, our headers have been tested and continuously improved to ensure reliability and durability. When using headers on older combine harvesters, you will experience a noticeable difference in productivity. You can reduce waste, reduce passes and increase the speed of your combine so you can finish harvesting faster with the lowest cost and maximum profit.

The advantages of our headers:

  • Knife drive "Schumacher" Pro-Drive
  • Cutting system "Schumacher" EASY CUT
  • RAPTOR Conveyor Belt
  • Five-blade reel
  • Gauge wheels

For a high-quality cut of crop stalks, only original drives of the knife and cutting system "Schumacher" are installed on all headers of Don Mar LLP. On a lay crop, in conjunction with crop lifters and a five-blade reel, our headers provide cleaner and more gentle harvesting. Moving crops is carried out using a belt conveyor, which excludes damage to the grain, in contrast to the auger.

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The conveyor belt feeds the crop evenly into the feed drum of the feeder house, head first, and on universal headers it contributes to the formation of a high-quality swath. The five-blade reel, with rubber inserts on the blades, brings the stems to the knife, supports them during cutting, feeds them to the conveyor and cleans them from the cutter bar. All of this is achieved with the lowest rpm compared to an eccentric reel. Also, the reel is protected from sagging by the original design of the rods. A plastic protection is installed on the bottom of the headers, which prevents the movement of the soil, when working on wet or soft soils, does not allow damage by stones.

Reapers of "Don Mar" LLP are developed in Kazakhstan and it takes into account all the features of the field relief inherent in Kazakhstan and Europe.

- The frame of the "Don Mar" LLP reapers is light but durable.

- The contour tracking system also maintains 30% of the header weight.

- Due to the use of a conveyor belt in the Don Mar header, there is no so-called "dead zone" that is formed when harvesting a low crop on many foreign headers.

- Also, thanks to the use of a conveyor belt, the feeding becomes uniform.

Thanks to the use of the "Schumacher" knife drive, the header can run at maximum speed without deteriorating the quality of the cut. And the 12-meter header is equipped with two Schumacher knife drives.

When using the “Don Mar” LLP reaper, filling the bunker is twice as fast as when using standard reapers with a consular auger.

The copying system allows efficient use of the header along its entire length, even on uneven fields.

The universal header of "Don Mar" LLP allows you to easily switch from the mode of operation to a stall to the mode of direct combining.

Headers of many manufacturers, on low-growing crops, create two swaths of different sizes - such a swath is more difficult to pick up with a baler. This problem is completely eliminated on the universal headers produced by Don Mar LLP due to the correct location of the ejection window.

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