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Trailed disc harrow with a change in the angle of attack of the discs synchronously in each row, designed for shallow soil tillage to a depth of 15 cm, destroying weeds and chopping crop residues, as well as leveling and compaction of the soil after disking. When using the Don Mar trailed disc harrow, crop residues are evenly mixed with the topsoil, protecting it from washing out and blowing out, thereby improving air exchange. At the same time, plant residues, being in the ground, actively turn into humus, increasing soil fertility.

Each harrow disc is located on an individual stand, which excludes winding of plant residues on the axle and clogging of the disc space, allowing you to work in fields with a large number of weeds at high speeds.

Main advantages:

- Optimum disc spacing

- Adjustment of the angle of attack of the discs

- Three-section frame for more accurate relief following

- Capture width from 6 to 10 meters

- Two rollers (tubular and plate) following the discs for crushing and compacting the soil.

Disc harrows